The Water Purification Marsh


The Water Purification Marsh at Aröd was the first construction of its kind in Sweden, i.e. an artificial wetland, shaped in a manner to retain the nutrients phosphorus and nitrogen from agriculture and household on terra firma by aid of a biological multitude of plant and animal organisms, instead of being brought to the sea, resulting in overgrowth and benthic death. The method was realised from knowledge obtained through many years’ scientific research in restoration and management of wetlands in order to favour and maintain a rich bird life. The aim and method to reduce nutrients in a wetland is principally the same as to supply wetland birds with food organisms.

  The Water purification marsh at Aröd 2:226 function and progress

The Bay of Torslandaviken


The importance of the Bay of Torslandaviken as bird habitat in southwestern Sweden


The Bay of Torslandaviken – rejectable limitation of the SPA-area.